Broiled Zucchini Recipe-Vegetable Main Course or Side Dish

A broiled zucchini with olive oil and herbs is a secret weapon in my dinner faire.  This vegetable is often avoided due in part to the many restaurants that use it so poorly.

One of the funnier lines I remember from Charles Osgood’s CBS Sunday Morning TV Show is about “something or someone being harder to get rid of than a zucchini in season”.   That line  paints a funny picture doesn’t it?  As a youngster I recall a neighbor at church passing out free zucchini from his car trunk, yet still having bushels full left over from the bounty grown in his garden. His plea, “Oh, please take some more” was not lost on our home chef.  My mother’s meals during harvest season included every variation of zucchini from breads and muffins to casseroles and stews.  The frozen packages for later use, lasted all year long.

Recently while watching Jacques Pepin’s “Essential Pepin” on WTVS in Detroit, I saw many uses for the zucchini.   Jacques recipes using olive oil and garlic have introduced me to so many delicious vegetable dishes, I find myself shopping more and more at the Produce Palace Market.  On a recent shopping trip, I thought I would try my hand at cooking some Zucchini.

Serves 2-3 people


3 medium zucchinis, 8-10 inches long

Colavito Olive Oil

Lawry’s Pinch of Herbs Kopy Kat Seasonings


Start with slicing the washed zucchini lengthwise about one quarter inch thick.  I cut up about three  medium sized ones for two people as a main dish.  I use a mandolin for uniform thickness.  I do not peel the zucchini.

Lay them out on a cookie sheet, as many pieces as will fit.

Drizzle or brush Mediterranean Blend Colavito Olive Oil over the top of each one.

Season individually with a Pinch of Herbs  and put under a 550 degree F broiler until done.  I’ve cooked them several ways; varying the time  from 4-5 minutes to 7-8 minutes.  The longer time gave a crusty appearance.  It is easy and quick.  The flavor is just delicious.